Month: August 2014

If you are going to stay, stay forever

Prove your going change and change for the better. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Suit action to words. Talking never got anybody anywhere in a hurry. Action always speaks louder than words. There’s always room for improvement and to better oneself. It’s taking the first step to self improvement and change for …

Every time you thought you was being rejected

When our will is centred and aligned with our heart and mind it can perform miracles. Great motivation and food for thought when rejection comes into play. Rejection is a pretty hard pill to swallow at the best of time. Just hope and pray something really better does come along and soon. ~ Margaret Young  Some people …

When you become mature?

Maturity is also not exaggerating small things as big problems. ~ Rohini Neola Some say they are matured but the way they think they are immature. God is into the small things. Little foxes spoil the vines.

You just need some time in a beautiful place

Look deep inside yourself you just might find what you are looking for. That’s what I feel when I walk in Nature. It is my cathedral and my healing place. Do it right now, starting to do something good to our head. Plan to go some place to relax during this weekend, cheers. ~ Supakorn Santironnarong