Month: October 2016

Sometimes things take time in life

Don’t let people that have their own problems drag you down. When your negative it creates stress an anxiety. Who wants that. Right! If it’s out of your control let it go. Usually that’s when solutions come. When you give up on hopes, you begin to loose faith.

10 Benefits of Time Alone

It’s important to be comfortable in your own company, as much as you would be comfortable socially. It’s important to disconnect and connect with one’s self every once in a while. Most people end up in horrible relationships be it marriage, friendships etc. Just out of compromise on most important factors, such as ethics, character and …

Being nice to someone you dislike

Being nice is a reflection of myself and not dependent on the recipient. Respecting someone does not mean you like them. It’s just that you accept the fact that they are imperfect beings, like everyone else. Being human, of course, I do sometimes get my feathers ruffled, but I strive to treat everyone with respect, whether …