Month: March 2017

In one moment your entire life could change

We only have now. The rest is up to the Lord. Live each moment like it’s your last. Enjoy each moment! I am very thankful each and everyday for my family and my blessings. Sickness and stress can eat you from the inside out if you sit quietly and put up with something because you are …

Never feel bad for putting yourself first

I’ve done what is right for me and I put GOD first in my life, then myself and everything else just fell into it’s place. ~ Tena Jones  Unless you’re putting yourself first too often and you have responsibilities like children etc. I’m all for taking good care of yourself but most people have other things to …

How someone reacts to your sadness?

Direct correlation to how they feel about you. When someone loves you and you hurt, they hurt too! ~ Tosie Simmons When one doesn’t know about the others “sadness” they can’t be held accountable. ~ Casey Andrew