Month: November 2017

Don’t believe those who tell you they love you

Actions are the only way to know how someone feels. Anybody can tell you they love you all day every day but if it’s not backed up by actions, forget about it. ~ Lisa Young  On the other hand; always tell your loved ones, that you love them. You can’t expect them to know by your actions …

The best apology is changed behavior

My best motto I learned over the years is: Action speaks louder than words (when people or men show you who they are, believe them – the first time!) No use hanging around cheaters, losers, abusers or bad boys. ~ Lita Jacobi   

There are only four words that mean so much

 Just make sure you mean it before you say it! I like “I am here with you”. No expectations. Just someone there. All, no matter how short the call, visit. Whatever they offer, are adding a little pebble to the dark pit. Hopefully, eventually those pebbles will add up to the foundation that allows you to …