Category: Peace

The Power of Loud Music

Road trip, sunny day, windows down, sunroof open, hair blowing, music blasting, singing at the top of my lungs. That’s true therapy! (even better with a pal in the passenger seat, as long as they know the words and can sing on key) ~ Janice Gochnauer 

Silence has a deep explanation in every situation

Silence is never black and white. Silence is actually required to find the calm and clarity in the middle of chaos. It is an important part of communication. Taking a pause to dig deep and discover what is real and what is just noise. ~ Suzanne White  It usually starts by being deeply hurt but pretending not …

The less you respond to negative people

Let the negative folks enjoy their Negative world. No need to join them. Life’s too short to go there. ~ Tammy Cintolo  Negative is like a black hole that wants to suck you right in. However, the more we focus on the positive, the love and the joy we really are, the more we can find the …