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What money can’t buy?

You are wealthy. Quite possible! You are not aware of what money can buy, like food for the homeless and toys for the kids who have nothing. ~ Anny Pier Wealth isn’t material things because you can’t take it with you, when you pass on, but how you treat others while you are here determines your “wealth”. …

Every time you thought you was being rejected

When our will is centred and aligned with our heart and mind it can perform miracles. Great motivation and food for thought when rejection comes into play. Rejection is a pretty hard pill to swallow at the best of time. Just hope and pray something really better does come along and soon. ~ Margaret Young  Some people …

When you become mature?

Maturity is also not exaggerating small things as big problems. ~ Rohini Neola Some say they are matured but the way they think they are immature. God is into the small things. Little foxes spoil the vines.