Never waste your feelings on people who don’t value them


Never waste your feelings on people who don't value them

Life is too short to spend time with the wrong person.

Negative people = Negative energy. Use the good energy on people who you love and always stay with me. ~ Johann Gonzalez 

The secret for me is if I feel happy with someone, I stay. If they make me feel anything less than that I leave. Feelings simply tell us to love ourselves enough to know when to stay or to when to leave. ~ Claire Appleton 

When it’s not really obvious, how do you tell when somebody doesn’t value your feelings? Actions…? Being so low in their priorities they never have time for you (unless they need something) They are takers but not givers. They assume you’ll be there for them but they are never really there for you. They don’t ask about your problems but are quick to tell you theirs. If you show you value their feelings by listening, helping, giving them time but they show very little or no interest in doing the same for you. You do things for them willingly and eagerly but they only do things for you grudgingly. They consistently break plans with you when something better comes up. It’s easy for them to back away from your friendship. ~ Greg Daggett

Remember to value the feelings of others. Don’t expect from others what you are not prepared to give. ~ Chris Armstrong 

Wasted a lot of time and energy on people who don’t deserve it. Wasted time one cannot get back. ~  Catherine Talbert 

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