No matter how loud their opinions are


No matter how loud their opinions are

Remember, you are the most important to yourself than to others.

A person should always be who they are and not what others want them to be. Our individuality is something we should always respect and cherish. ~ Alice Wells 

You are the only one who will make a choice for yourself and live with those choices, good or bad. The very best guidance we can go to if we follow biblical counsel and guidance. They never get outdated. The information on how to do things and how to make good choices is there, it is just a matter of application on what learned. People who don’t believe what the bible say that it is not the word from God, will always stumble and fall then wonder why and what are they doing wrong. Matt 5: 3

Happy are those who are conscious of their spiritual needs. No matter how people deny that they can do without spirituality there will come a time in their life that they need guidance from the higher up / God had put it in human hearts to be dependent on Him and created us with free will. We can make a choice and we always are provided with options. ~ Norma Powell 

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