Sometimes, you need to enjoy free time being yourself


Sometimes, you need to enjoy free time being yourself

I tell my boyfriend this all the time, because we live together. I say I just need some time for myself and he gets so offended by it. Thinking I don’t want to be around him. That is not it at all. I think everyone just needs some free time to themselves, and there shouldn’t be anything wrong with that. ~ Christi Mitchell 

Having some time to yourself would probably be good for the relationship because you will be more excited to see each other. ~ Steve Duplantie

I choose not to live with a man, not knocking anybody but it works out fine when he has his place and I have mine, then you can be alone but still be together. ~ Frau 

 I love my alone time and protect it very carefully. It is good for the mind, body, soul and spirit. ~ Dori Warran 

We all have that period in our lives where we, as the Hero’s Journey puts it, must journey into the innermost cave, where we must face our challenges, face inward, and overcome any difficulties we have within ourselves, and once we have done so, we are better prepared to handle the rest of our journey in life and overcome any other challenges that come our way. ~ Rod Petrie 

In any relationship everyone needs space. It doesn’t mean you don’t love the person your with it just means you want space. Me and my wife have one night a week where she goes to her parents and I chill at home. It’s called space and everyone needs it. ~ Tedward Ruckspin 

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