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The best apology is changed behavior

My best motto I learned over the years is: Action speaks louder than words (when people or men show you who they are, believe them – the first time!) No use hanging around cheaters, losers, abusers or bad boys. ~ Lita Jacobi   

Accepting an apology you never got

Forgive people not because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve peace.   Hanging on to the anger is like taking poison and thinking it is going to affect the other person. It eats away at you without them even recognizing it.    Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you have to let them know you’re forgiving them. …

The Best Form of Love

Forgiveness does not have to mean “forget”, it simply means ‘accept’ (the act or situation) to be able to move forward. ~ Danielle Villalobos  Just say the words; ‘I forgive myself’. The hard part is figuring out what piece of whatever it is, you own. You must forgive yourself before others, even if your the innocent. Sometime …