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Don’t make me feel less of a person

If someone isn’t good enough for you, don’t keep them around and try to change them into someone else. No one can make you feel less of a person unless you allow it. It is called abuse! Nobody can make you feel a certain way. How one feels is entirely up to them!  

Once you learn how to be happy

Sometimes I find myself in situations where my internal reaction is anger, irritation, or defensiveness. So I “check” myself. I remind myself not to internalize the feelings of others. I’ve actually told loved ones: “You can communicate your truth & your feelings, but that doesn’t mean I will accept or ‘own’ your feelings as my own.” …

Just live your life and be happy

If you’re happy and kind, you win no matter what!   You can’t change anything about another person. You can make a suggestion that they may or may not care about. If your suggestion is not working it become your choice to ignore it and accept the situation or stop wasting your time if you can’t …