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Don’t beg anyone to stay in your life

Need to remember that people have their own lives and it doesn’t need to include me in it. People come and people go but it makes room for even better and more awesome interactions. Allowing each other space gives you both the time to become better individuals and two better individuals make an even better couple! …

It’s very healthy to spend time alone

Do this moderately! Stay active in things you like and enjoy to stay happy. Being lonely too much is not healthy. Staying active is good for mind, heart and soul. ~ Norma MacLeod  Sometimes we are more alone with people around us than when actually alone. Too many people use you then shut you out of lives …

It’s a new chance to rebuild things

I’ve restarted my life several times and I’ll never regret my decisions. You will never know what you’re capable of until you step out of your comfort zone and free yourself of misery. God bless each and every one’s journey. Never settle for sadness. ~ Gayle Robb   

Why relationships fail in life?

That’s part of a relationship. What’s important is that at the end of the day both of you still manage to solve each issues and finding ourselves fall in love all over again no matter what. ~ Mai Mai  Mistakes are human nature. If you’re going to point out someone’s mistakes, at least be willing to help …

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