The Pain that you have been through


The Pain that you have been through

Life is never without its fair share of pain. Suffering is as much a part and parcel of living as joy. Pain will slowly ease just as tears will gradually dry up with the process of healing. In time, the heart will overcome one’s sorrows and life will be once again be bearable. The stronger the spirit to endure, the greater the will to survive. It’s akin to emerging from darkness to light, being restored from weakness to strength, being repaired from broken to whole. It’s just one of the many pathways of living that one must travel in the journey that is Life. ~ Margaret Young 

Just imagine! The pain you have been through: eyes will close, nose will breathe fresh air, mouth will shut, hands will clasp together, legs will refuse to move. You will listen only to yourself and to God whose voice all that you can hear and whose help can save you and lead you further, till then you are not here, you are nowhere. ~ Swaminathan Ramamurthy 

A year ago I thought my heart was so broken that I would never come back from it, but I kept praying and praying even through the tears and anger and resentment, asking for forgiving heart so that I won’t carry the pain with me and I’m not saying I’m 100% healed but I’m a wiser, stronger version of myself and I love it. Healing is possible if we let go of the hurt/pain. ~ Deandra Cooke 

You will be a wiser, stronger, bolder, clearer, better version of you. ~ Blair Robinson 

When you trust in The Lord, all things are possible.

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