What you allow is what will continue


What you allow is what will continue

Change your thought processes, change your life. Visualize it, then materialize it.

Even when it breaks your heart, you have to put your foot down, walk away and demand some respect and if they did love you they would be willing to work it out and make that change if they really love you enough. ~  Amy Suarez 

When you give to people and they start taking your kindness for weakness you can’t allow it to continue. You deserve more than that.

We all need a reality check every now & then, especially to hold those dear to us close & make more of an effort to keep in touch with those we care about, time passes so quickly & it’s time we may never get back. ~ Sue Dunn 

Women! Don’t allow a man to treat you poorly. Know your worth and make sure your man knows your worth. Demand respect and be someone of great character and strength. A man will not respect a weak minded woman who does not stand up for herself and if someone comes along that shows no respect, then think enough of yourself to let them walk out of your life. Decide what you feel you deserve and accept nothing less. ~ Christina Owens 

I allow an open heart full of nothing but respect, love loyalty and compassion & I expect nothing less from my friends & family, without this you can’t have an honest relationship. ~ Tunya King 

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