When you are smiling just to stop the tears from falling


When you are smiling just to stop the tears from falling

Crying is an emotional release from an inflicted pain. Tears help to drain away some of the accumulated pain within. Often it is a silent cry for help and support. The brave amongst us hide their pain and conceal their tears behind an affected ‘put on’ smile to hide their suffering from the world. Their grief is much too private and painful for public display and so its contained within. ~ Margaret Young 

Tears make us stronger not weaker, we know why our tears flow, and it doesn’t matter if anyone else knows, as long as we learn from them, I don’t pretend to be happy, if I am I show it, and if I’m not happy, then I don’t pretend I am. Just a side of me that doesn’t beat around the bush. I have loads of love in my heart, and those who really know me, know it. I never claim to be anyone I’m not. Love life and let us all live in Harmony, with God as our witness. ~ Ann Marie 

To most crying is a sign of weakness, that someone has “won”, but for me, most often it is to release hurt that has no words and if I choose words to match it, well, they never quite do. Instead they incite anger to the ones involved who don’t understand why my tears exist at all. It’s a vicious cycle. ~ Melissa Richardson 

I still do it now after a broken heart A year ago. I smile because I think everyone is sick of my tears so I pretend I’m ok now and I’m not. ~ Jayne Stewart 

I get tired of hearing ” don’t cry” and “what are you crying about” If I had the right words to express myself, I wouldn’t be crying. You can’t put tears into words appropriate to say what you’re feeling. Sometimes even when I have “happy tears” my husband doesn’t seem to get it. ~ Barbara Smith

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