Always make time for those you love


To be kept strong, a relationship must be attended to regularly

You come up with some of the most truest expressions ever. Relationships require cultivation in order to grow. No matter how much we want them to, growth requires time, and for relationships with true substance to evolve, time exposes that true potential within them. Everything happens for a reason and people are placed in our lives for a reason. Time will tell the substance thereof. ~ Torrase Lewis 

Make time for those you love, but too painful if they take you for granted or keep on ignoring you. Still be there for them they will know you in time. ~ Mabel Bulasao 

It’s good to make time for people we love, but in some cases relationships do transcend time like those with good friends. I don’t see often but are always there. Ready to pick up anytime we speak again. Love does transcend all barriers. ~ Josie Miritello

If someone is neglecting you and they have told you they love you, shame on them for telling you ‘I love you’. Selfish, selfish, selfish. Not nice. I want someone who makes free time for me, for us. Not someone who wants to see me in his free time. ~ Sandy Bacchi 

When a person says they love you but doesn’t have any actions of love but yet will go out of their way to show a stranger more love than you then it’s time to say, “Bye, bye. Bye baby. Bye. Bye!” You live & learn. Hopefully we all learn quicker as we get older. ~ Theresa Hamilton

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