How to tackle rude people?


When someone is rude to you

The best way to disarm negativity.

Insecurity + Psychologically disturbed = RUDE

Rudeness is the small minds imitation of power. ~ Isabelle Esling

If you let another person anger you, that person controls you. ~ George Capps 

Stay calm is the best solution. Then throw them a humble smile. ~ Terri Goodwin 

Stay on the high road. There’s less traffic up there. ~ Lynne Howe 

Kill them with kindness. It’s the best revenge. ~ Kristin Hazard 

Smile! It does one of two things, it warms their heart or it pisses them. Either way you win. ~ Aaron Payne 

Belittlers have no power over you if you just don’t react to them. ~ Dorothy Conger

Life too short to hold grudges. Love overrules everything. I choose love over holding grudges. ~ San Moya 

When someone gets pissed off about something, more often than not, flash a smile and it will turn things around. ~ Karyn Rose 

When you try to say something usually it doesn’t work. It can just make things worse, the person will not understand you. Will not feel better, the best way is just to stay on the high road and not to go down to the level of rude person. ~ Paulina Cimmino 

I always want to tell them what I think. But, with wisdom I have learned it really is better to take that high road. It only can make things worse a lot of the time. Trying to get in that last word in. Just learn to pray for them and that will give you peace and move on. ~ Unknown

I don’t stand for rudeness, I will put them in their place. ~ Sharon Hawkes

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