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Happiness is a choice

Surround yourself with wonderfully fun & positive friends & you’re halfway there! Undoubtedly happiness comes from within, and who has an impeccable within for it, throw the first stone, if there’s any cause happiness is a pursuit much more then a perpetual state or a magic choice. Choice of happiness is all the thoughts we decide …

It’s a new chance to rebuild things

I’ve restarted my life several times and I’ll never regret my decisions. You will never know what you’re capable of until you step out of your comfort zone and free yourself of misery. God bless each and every one’s journey. Never settle for sadness. ~ Gayle Robb   

The 3 C’s of life

When you are not happy in your life at this point of time, ask yourself this question:- What changes can I make in my life to make me happy? Is my current job makes me happy? Is my current relationship makes me happy? Is any other choices I have? Is any chances I can take? You …