Category: Perseverance

Where you are in life is temporary

Be a firm wayfarer, acting with clear & consistent bent of mind till you achieve cherished goal. ~ R N Gupta   Always have the choice to decide. You always have the answer in you. Sometimes it takes longer to figure out your path/direction, know what’s best for you, trust your instincts & have faith in the answers …

Just don’t look back at your past

Life is a journey with ups and downs always for good. My own mother’s last words to me, when I left my biological family. Matter in life on never turning back. Words that have saved me from severe harm. ~ Lucinda Harman  No looking back. Move forward for a better life! The past is dead time, whether …

Why people usually cry?

When your body and mind are tired that’s when I cry. ~ Radjeni Rachna Even the strong have weak moments! Sometimes it’s hard to always be the strong one. Sometimes you just need to let all your feelings come to the surface.