How to walk away from people?


How to walk away from people?

I’m learning this too, even when they are biological family. ~ Linda Radtke 
This is so worth it. Unless you have the energy and mind set to deal with it, just don’t. You don’t need to involve your self with negative people and poor behaviour. It only makes you behave the same way. Only you can be responsible for the life you create and the people you make time for. You don’t need to be unkind, just distance yourself, after all life is too short not to have people around you that make you feel good. Choose to be happy! ~ Kellie Miller
Learn how to not put your self-esteem and self worth on the line all the time and you don’t have to worry about it. There’s no reason why you should feel justified in making sure you weren’t the person getting over on, and there’s no reason to question everyone’s intentions. A ton of people have self destructive tendencies and you could have been the very best thing that could have happened to someone else, but they are self destructive and it’s a sickness. There’s no reason to always question everyone’s motives, your just a regular person, and if you are waiting on your world to be the center of the universe it’s not going to happen. ~ Dom Cavanagh 

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