No matter how many mean people you meet


No matter how many mean people you meet

Mean people do have a good heart too. Buried deep within there unhealed inner pain. Good hearted people live in the now. There heart is on the surface. Do good & good will come to you. ~ Anita Redmond 

I had a mean heart before, and sometimes I might be the mean person and not know. That is why it is best to forgive and overlook as the storms in their souls might be the reason to that attitude. We can distant ourselves and pray for their well-being and keep moving on with life. If we help them, think of it as a good deed and our soul will be blessed with peace in return. That’s life. we all will have our ups and downs, but the ones who practice gratitude remain more content in the long run as seek fulfillment with what they have. ~ Amtul Niaz 

Sometimes I cry when I see mean things and sometimes I have an opportunity to stop a mean act. Sometimes I can even change a mean spirited persons way of thinking and help them have a good heart. ~ Joan Rossie 

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