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Hardest lessons in life is letting go

The trouble is people are often so cut up that when one door closes they miss the new door that’s open in front of them, but the new door always offers something better. Where would you be if you hadn’t changed, evolved, grown, loved, outgrown, discovered It’s called life. Just think of all the old to …

You can never change the past nor control the future

Beautiful valuable treasures indeed surpassing all the golds, diamonds etc. ~ Lilian Maina We all can learn from the innocent, innate, and natural love and compassion of children, unblemish by the world. ~ Sergio Vega We can create a better future by changing how we are and how we react to things today. ~ Nancy Vail

The best apology is changed behavior

My best motto I learned over the years is: Action speaks louder than words (when people or men show you who they are, believe them – the first time!) No use hanging around cheaters, losers, abusers or bad boys. ~ Lita Jacobi