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Five Rules of a Relationship

Never lie no matter how difficult the topic is, trust and communication is everything. Having time is very important but not “all the time” instead of five rule’s there is only one and that is “TRUST”. I’ve got all Five, 100% under control. 1. Forever 2. Unconditionally 3. Everyday 4. Never 5. Always Thank you, God, …

Someone still cross your mind everyday

It’s missing someone who passed away and you miss them so much that you think of them at least once a day. Every moment you can’t forget someone that gave you so much to remember. If someone means so much to you, you could easily think of them every day. It’s because that someone is still …

I’ll fall asleep with you in my heart

With the Lights and for tomorrow with the Sun. ~ Rawda Sarrail She will stay always in my heart. My endless love because you mean the world to me. And you will be only one. And I’ll give you my love. ~ Alex Syriano The last thing someone special to you sees before hitting the pillow. ~ Bethellen Keefe