You won’t be good enough for the wrong person


You won't be good enough for the wrong person

No matter how good a woman is, she will never be good enough to a man who is not ready. ~ Cecille Cumigad

If unforgiveness is in your heart and you can’t believe that person will change, you never give that person your whole heart then it doesn’t matter if it’s the man or women. Time doesn’t heal a broken heart from never actually being loved right. Love should be able to fix hurt if its worth it. People are just broken, one person in a relationship that fails always wanted it more and the one who wanted it less always will have something that was more important than the person they were with…people take care of what they think is important. ~ Billy Hewett

Sometimes the greatest relationship are ones you never expected to be in. The ones you sweep, you off your feet and challenge every view you’ve ever had. ~ Cleopatra Cleo

Always Remember that the right person will love you through it all.

Stop seeking the right one. People who loves you are those people can accept who you are. Having an acceptance and respect to each other are the best way of living because nobody’s created to be perfect. ~ Jwoww Smith

We all have good and bad, it’s about finding the person we are most compatible with the one that we are attracted to one person. You may say isn’t right for you that same person is perfect for another. I feel it’s best not to go looking but to relax get on with life and when it occurs it occurs. We stress ourselves out constantly thinking about meeting someone our focus on this makes things seem way longer. ~ Sibel Mordeniz

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