Good people may make bad choices


Good people may make bad choices

We all make our own path on this journey through life via the very choices we make at any point in time, whether those choices are good or bad is easier in hindsight than knowing at any specific moment. Learning and wisdom gained from past mistakes hopefully will prevent us making the same mistakes again, or another wrong choice the next time. ~ Julius Sule

It is what you learn from your mistakes and how you correct your mistakes that makes us grow. If we sit back and do nothing we don’t learn nor do we grow, we just stay the same, a person who doesn’t think they make mistakes as well as someone who thinks they are never wrong and only thinks of themselves. ~ Jackie Pelphrey

We are that person, the main thing is to learn from the mistake. Go in the right direction, turn over a new leaf, make the choices you know to be right. ~ Viki Tucker

If they keep making the same “mistake” over again, it’s a choice. ~ Victoria Halcrow

It is human to make mistakes and it is human to make bad choices but it is inhuman to abandon people when they need you. We have all needed someone in times of need and when those people aren’t there it hurts more than if they had never been there. ~ Kl Klown

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