Never Blame anyone in your life


Never Blame anyone in your life

Outlaws survive, the weak die, the strong fight on and the average fall behind. ~ Derrick Leong 

Appreciate all of them as they come into your life for a reason!

You shouldn’t blame people because you should think that the events happening in your live are coming from the God and these are examinations for you to take and try to pass them and you reach the happiness it comes spontaneously. ~ Serap Matur 

When you meet what you call “the worst people” in your life, you learned exactly how they operate and so, the first thing you do is stay away from them because they are bad news. Next time around, you can easily spot people under that category. That single experience should have taught you a lifelong lesson, and for that you should be thankful. Get on with your happy life and whatever happens to you along the way, take responsibility for that and do not blame anybody. ~ Kelly Morgan

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