The best things that will ever happen to you

Only some people will take heed, others will continue making bad choices, then wonder why their life is not going their way. ~ Angie Peltier  Failed relationships, bad parents & everything between, now I have my soul mate and two beautiful baby boys. Bad choice & all I would do it all again. ~ Nora Bridges 

Sometimes the best things in life take a while

Patience is a virtue of wisdom and can make wonders in your life. Sometimes we need to hold out for the better things to come. Though it’s kind of annoying to be patient, eventually the best thing is always show up. The best things in life are definitely worth waiting for.

Love isn’t complicated, people are

Problem is you need people to love, even if it’s yourself. People do make it more complicated than it should be. Love should be easy and fun. If you are loved and love someone, I see no reason why you should not be happy. ~ Unknown They just have a complicated picture of what love is …

Someone who really loves you

When love is the point everything seems lovable. Some people can’t handle it when someone is having a hard time, but when the person having problems gets straightened out the people that couldn’t support them lose out. I pray they never have problems or great losses. ~ Shirley Williams  Have to say my kids and my sisters …