People who lift you higher by staying with them


People who lift you higher by staying with them

If people don’t want to lift themselves, just leave them alone. 

I definitely have people in my life that I love and they may never lift me higher. That’s why they have me in their life. Nothing wrong with being the lifter, as long as it’s not dragging you down too. ~ Laurel West 

Surrounding yourself with people you can lift higher is a better plan. The happiest people in the world are those who help others especially when they expect nothing in return. ~ Vanessa Howe 

We should always be in the company of optimistic people.

It’s sad for people who do not want to lift themselves. They thrive on being miserable. Unfortunately it rubs off onto those living with them, who try so hard to be optimistic. ~ Marilyn Carol 

Being a lifter myself, I have discovered that it is so much more satisfying and gratifying as there is nothing more rewarding than in witnessing the pure pleasure from the recipients of the lifting. The joy of giving is so morally fulfilling, even more so when their need is so much more greater than yours, the pleasure in the giving is then doubled for the lifter. ~ Margaret Young 

Not the ones who tears you down, or the who pretends to be someone you want them to be. Know the real who you are surrounded by. ~ Denise Jackson 

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