Silence has a deep explanation in every situation


Silence has a deep explanation in every situation

Silence is never black and white. Silence is actually required to find the calm and clarity in the middle of chaos. It is an important part of communication. Taking a pause to dig deep and discover what is real and what is just noise. ~ Suzanne White 

It usually starts by being deeply hurt but pretending not to care; and ends by building a wall and not caring at all. ~ Sarah Dalton 

Some people who talks a lot, talk nonsense and here is someone who seldom talk but when he or she talks once have a sense of everything. ~ Nelda Gumolda 

A “comfortable silence” is positive and the sign of a deep, trusting relationship. When people choose to go silent on you. That hurts. ~ Annette Iverson 

For a person to learn to be silent, they must understand the importance of learning to listen. Silent and listen are two different words made up of same letters. a friend who can listen when you are silent is a true friend. ~ Nikki Lukas 

Sometimes it just means that the person is tired of explaining something to someone who just don’t understand or chooses to not understand, nor be sorry for what they’ve done. ~ Lance Matsui 

I like to be silent when I am greatly wounded by dearest ones. If they really love me let read my pain from my silence otherwise let me learn a lesson not to believe all. ~ Sobha Mazhavillu 

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