Some people will never fit into your life


Some people will never fit into your life

You have to determine your definition of ‘fit’. People come into your life in three categories. Reason people, Season people & Lifetime people. ~ Angela Kemp

No matter what they did that did not fit. God had a reason for them coming into your life. Guess pain can help one grow. ~ Sandra Mortweet

People can change. There comes a point when you just have to let them find it on their own. Each person decides that, not society – because it is personal and unique to the circumstance. Of course, our own ideals often cloud the reality that we need accept some things as they are. There are, however, those that clearly have no “fit” and should not take up space in our lives. It detracts our attention from others that provide a reciprocal value. ~ Jared Dellinger

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