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Staying angry robs us of happiness

Forgiveness is the fastest way to free yourself! There is great healing power in forgiveness. There is no point to keep angers inside us. What’s done is done, even God can’t take it back. Make room for only love and happiness. We are all can get mad sometimes but don’t let them stay inside us for long. …

Forgive those who have wronged you

You must forgive and begin to love yourself. The rest will then take care of it’s self.  You first have to admit that you make mistakes. That is when you start to heal. When you admit to yourself is ok that you are not perfect you stop expecting everyone else to be. ~ Kim Dalby   

Forgive those who insult you or take you for granted

Allow yourself to understand why they attempt to bring you down is from their own insecurity and feel empathy for them and only strength in yourself! ~ Angela Kirkland  Even those who look me in my eyes, joyfully accept help I’m willing to give, and are drilling holes in my boat behind my back. Whether it’s to …