The Best Form of Love


The Best Form of Love

Forgiveness does not have to mean “forget”, it simply means ‘accept’ (the act or situation) to be able to move forward. ~ Danielle Villalobos 

Just say the words; ‘I forgive myself’. The hard part is figuring out what piece of whatever it is, you own. You must forgive yourself before others, even if your the innocent.

Sometime you forgive people simply because you still want them in your life.

Knowing how to forgive is a process. Being capable of forgiveness takes effort. It has little to do with strength and weakness in the moral sense that is implied here. ~ Tom Thatcher 

Forgiveness! It is really hard to forgive someone who intentionally wanted to hurt you. Somehow, you hold the grudge as a revenge. Not until you can forgive, you cannot let go the grudge you had for them. It somehow temporarily heals the pain they have caused you. But at the end of the day, when time reach the point that you are not just truly happy. I realized forgiving others is forgiving yourself. You forgive and lift all up to God for the judgement. In return, love and happiness will start to grow within you. Lessons learned, moving forward to better and stronger you. ~ Kenneth Espejo 

The sad thing about forgiveness is that some people give it and others take advantage of that fact. Not pessimistic, just realistic. However that does not mean you still shouldn’t do it. ~ David Nilsson 

There is no love without forgiveness and there is no forgiveness without love.

Forgive doesn’t mean sorry. It is cutting loose the part of life that would otherwise strangle the forgiver. Learning to forgive is a process of becoming mature and it is also healthy. ~ Paul Cornelius 

When we consciously take responsibility for our life, we automatically forgive the parts that were acted out unconsciously and we understand and forgive others that are acting out their unconscious behavior. ~ Sigh Willy 

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