Until you are comfortable with being alone


Until you are comfortable with being alone

There is a huge difference between being alone and being lonely.

This is for the people that jump from one relationship to another because they are afraid of being alone. They accept anybody in many cases. If it hurts to stay in a relationship or it hurts to leave, it’s better to leave. I rather be alone than be with someone because I feel lonely. ~ Diana Ionescu 

Never stay with someone or start a relationship to fill a void in your life it will always feel like something is missing and that something missing is you. You fill that void with yourself first, jump through the hoops for you. Learn to live with yourself and love /like who you are. ~ Rosalie McCune 

Love is the essence of life. Loneliness is felt when you don’t get the kind of love you want. Sometimes after having everything also we are lonely because we came alone into this world and we go alone from this world and in between birth and death there is a void in life. ~ Manasvini Sha 

Being able to be alone and independent are the bases of a healthy and mature relationship. Needing someone because you love them, not loving them because you need them. ~ Annamaria Rivolta 

In the end you do have choose someone or you will be alone, but you are strong enough to wait and not just choose anyone, but the one and you will know that, not just hope it. ~ Robert Rotella 

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