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Learn to enjoy being alone in life

You have to learn how to be OK by yourself. A person can add to your happiness but don’t rely on someone else to make you happy- you will be disappointed. I LOVE LOVE being alone. I go out of my way to avoid crowds. I like being around one or two people sometimes, as in …

The strongest people make time to help others

Strong people for some reason feel driven to help others. It gives them a sense of purpose. Even if they get nothing in return except that satisfaction that comes from helping others. ~ Randy Lynch  In helping others, we can take a mini vacation from our own struggles so that when we return we can be more …

Being both soft & strong

It’s not a weakness, it’s a strength to be soft & kind person. Think of a piece of willow it bends with life yet is resilient, a rock unyielding breaks and crumbles, it is the course of man to be kind yet strong for me it is the a basic requirement of life. ~ Kiel Walter 

Why people usually cry?

When your body and mind are tired that’s when I cry. ~ Radjeni Rachna Even the strong have weak moments! Sometimes it’s hard to always be the strong one. Sometimes you just need to let all your feelings come to the surface.