The strongest people make time to help others


The strongest people make time to help others

Strong people for some reason feel driven to help others. It gives them a sense of purpose. Even if they get nothing in return except that satisfaction that comes from helping others. ~ Randy Lynch 

In helping others, we can take a mini vacation from our own struggles so that when we return we can be more objective and find the path we need to take. I also think no one has a perfect life. We all, at times feel alone and struggle with life. It’s hard to reach out and others aren’t always aware when we work so hard at keeping our struggles to ourselves. ~ Raymond Fetters 

I help others & it feels like there is no one for me when I get down and need some help myself, but I keep on doing it. I keep helping even if my heart feels broken. I keep helping, but there is a point that you get to where you have to stop and look at yourself otherwise you will break and then you are no good to anyone especially yourself and your own loved ones and I reached that point a few months ago. I had no one there for me as I’ve been there for others but that’s ok. I’m getting through it all and even now I still think of others first before me, especially those I care about greatly. I care for others as it’s a quality that’s getting less and less in people these days but you have to have compassion for yourself too. ~ Steven Tomlinson 

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