Don’t waste time on wondering what other people think about you


Don't waste time on wondering what other people

If they’re talking about me, I must be doing something right. Out there on the skinny branches questioning those who don’t like to be questioned. They’re leaving someone else alone. ~ Valerie Meléndez

Happiness does not depend upon getting other people’s approval. It depends upon getting your own approval. ~ Dorothea Hughes

The only opinions which should really matter are your family, your true friends, your lords and of course most importantly the opinion of yourself. If you are happy with yourself that is what matters. ~ Marc Bloom

Love me or hate me, I’m just who I am. Hope I never change for anyone, except my God. ~ Janet Little

Whatever people say and think of me just be proud because I know myself more than they malicious opinions. ~ Lhynn Ang

Who are they to judge about me anyway? They are n0t the experts of my worth. ~ Mavie Goyal

What other people think of me is none of my business. ~ Jaye Yoder

Stop answering to other people and proceed with living your life. ~ Katherine Caggiano

I’m too busy and I don’t care about other people lives or what they say. ~ Ann Hitt

 When one learns to love ones self it will not matter what others think. ~ Tina Weninger

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