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Love just needs to be True

Love is not finding the perfect person, it’s learning to love an imperfect person perfectly. ~ Melody Santos Love is action if its true it will show and prove its self. ~ Neressa Shaw True love is its own kind of perfect. ~ Rose Hegele For real its not a joke playing with someone’s emotions that truly loves you. ~ Steve Fouts

Love cannot live without trust

Once trust is gone, so is the love. Trust & Respect,combine them altogether and you have a perfect Love. ~ Doris De Castro If you are not willing to try to rebuild the trust, then there really was no love in the first place. ~ Kelli Vick Trust is the basis of every relationship, be it personal or …

If you did wrong apologize for it

I kept my promises, I cherished my love, I called when I said I would, I respected the confidences, I believe I earned trust however I didn’t get a chance to apologize for the mistakes (wrongs) I made. Don’t wait apologize today. Whether it’s accepted or not. Make the effort. Tomorrow may be to late. ~ Theanne …