When you have a good heart?


When you have a good heart

In the end of your time here on earth we all will find out it was never between you and them, what you have given from your heart it was between you and God so keep loving and giving! ~ Marie Quick 

When you really have a good heart, no matter how hurt you are, you’ll always forgive and still choose to be happy with someone you really love because there’s no stopping for hearts that truly love. ~ Arlene Socorro 

One day you just realize you shouldn’t be taken for granted and get tired of always being the one to reach out. Those who want to be a part of your life will make the effort to do so and if they don’t, move on. Makes for a much simpler and happier life! ~ Melissa Sim 

When you have a good heart you also tend to be strong. Better to sometimes get hurt by the wrong kind of people, then to never help some people who really need it. ~ Jessica Aguirre 

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