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Hold back the tears and just walk away

A smiling face to create peace of mind and be able to reconcile the liver. The Smile is a cure for Happiness. ~ Brilliantine Jordan Just look yourself in the mirror, and say, “I like what I see.” It’s their loss. ~ Glen Sanders A thankful heart is a happy heart. When times are tough, we must do …

Don’t make me feel less of a person

If someone isn’t good enough for you, don’t keep them around and try to change them into someone else. No one can make you feel less of a person unless you allow it. It is called abuse! Nobody can make you feel a certain way. How one feels is entirely up to them!  

To respond with anger to someone

How about you just do what you think is right and to Hell with what anyone else thinks. ~ Jana Olson-Bish    Easy to say, but difficult to put into practice, it requires great discipline and the adoption of “Love your neighbor as yourself”. Some neighbours are just harder to love than others, but the willingness to …