The Best people in the world


The Best people in the world

Most of the time people walk into someone’s life with the intention to destroy, by acting life they want to be your friend and before anything, they already know your sadness, your happy moment, without telling your pain, they already know that something is wrong, just to find a word from you about your situation so they can later come with force to make their plans work and finish with you for good. Be careful who you invite into your life as friends. ~ Gisele Joseph 

The destruction will not last though. The courage they have makes it so that after everything is said and done, they wipe off the blood, bandage their wounds and turn to face the next battle. The heart will learn from the mistakes of the past and though it remains open to world it will take the necessary steps to ensure it’s survival. ~ Jessie Andrews 

Many people allow these changes in themselves to affect others like a domino effect. I myself refuse to change my virtues despite possible consequences. ~ Dedre Vanatta

I am one of those people. I have all those virtues. Both family and people who I thought were my Friends did their best to destroy what they could not have, or understand. I’ll admit, it is not an easy life as even someone who says they love you, can quickly show their true colors because they cannot hide from the the fact that I see beauty, and I see ugliness in one’s heart, not their face. ~ Cary Majano 

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