The Simplest things in Life


The simplest things in Life

There is no fun in perfect life. Enjoy simple things. Make a risk. Take a chance. Go where the wind takes you. Have fun.

A simple “hi” means a lot. It makes me smile, completes my day & brings me lots of happiness. ~ Lilia Rosqueta 

Holding hands with the one you love is the greatest feeling because she is holding hands back. Dream all you want but touching the one you love is priceless. ~ Scott Beriont 

Taste the rain, enjoy the wind, watch and listen to the birds while watching the squirrels run around and play. Also, watch the rabbits come out to eat the grass, playfully jumping. All this costs 0 but lets you see God’s creations and enjoy life. Spent 2 hours looking at meteorites Sun and Moon night. Thought about the stars and the place they have in the world. How great God is! ~ Margaret Engels 

Most of us get cough in our busy life and sometimes we forget little thinks that make a big difference in life, such is a smile, a kiss or a hug.

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