There comes a time when you have to choose


There comes a time when you have to choose

Life is too short to read bad books.

Be your own author and make sure it’s an adventure and not a drama. ~ David Gale 

Once that decision is made, you go forth into the new life and I won’t ever look back. No regrets for what is past because it is a part of what has made me who I am. But no longer a part of who I want to be. ~ Beth Padgett 

Sometimes someone else’s selfish choices in life closes the book for you. It just made me stronger and wiser in the new book I had to start for myself and my children. ~ Kim Donovan 

There just came a time in my life when I decided if I had to prove myself or improve myself in order to be a friend to someone; it wasn’t worth it. A true friend doesn’t need “work”. We just are! ~ Donna Austin 

Lately, I have been closing the book because there are to many chapters that are not worth the trouble of going through. ~ Christina Erickson 

I consider life like a book and my book won’t end until I die. I just turn the page and start a new chapter. ~ Kim Johnson 

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