True friends say nice things about you behind your back


True friends say nice things about you behind your back

True Friends just don’t talk behind your back.

A true friend will tell you the bad things to your face.

Are there any other type of friends than true friends. The others were never your friends. ~ Robin Parker 

A real friend won’t talk behind your back. They will say what’s on their mind to your face & not to others. ~ Trey Stevenson 

I don’t talk behind anybody’s back, good things or bad things because it is a very slippery slope and sometimes people hear what they want to hear not what you say and it can come back around twisted. Think before you speak ask yourself, “Do I really need to say this.” ~ David Velasquez 

True friends are the ones always there when we need it and always accompany us in mourning and did not hesitate to entertain us. ~ Tofani Photopro 

You are blessed if you can say that you have two or more friends that are real. ~ Chelsey Kelly  

The others are so called friends you just let go. Not worth your time or day. Karma works in mysterious ways. ~ Dawn Tilton 

You always there for your friend during bad time and good time, especially during your friend’s low time. ~ Veronica Jacobson 

One of the things I try to remind myself is if they are talking/gossiping to you about someone, they are talking/gossiping to someone about you. ~ Denise Hecht 

It’s not only for a true friend, a true family, a true good person are the ones who have nice things to say. ~ Mary Victorino 

When God places a True friend in your life, believe me it’s a miracle. I know I have had my best friend. ~ Regina Keenan 

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