Trust can take years to build


Trust can take years to build

Trust never can be built again. Trust like a tear falls and never returns to your eye. ~ Sara Moustafa

Someone with a big heart, can trust the person even after proven wrong in the first attempt. It’s not because he wants to be proved wrong again but it’s because his feelings for that person are true. ~ Debapriyo Saha 

Trust is something you have to earn. In any relationship without it, you have nothing. Sometimes when that trust is broken it can never return. ~ Rick London 

When a lovely jar made of glass falls on the floor it either breaks or gets cracked. It will never be like it was before!

I heard a story once where a grandmother took one of her favorite china cups and dropped it on the floor then she asked her grandson to glue it back together again. He did, but the grandmother explained that even though the cup was glued back together, it would never be the same. ~ Margie Waters 

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