One day someone will be 100% honest with you


One day someone will be 100% honest with you

The problem is too many people choose to love for every reason “but” honesty and they try to destroy people who are honest with them. Overlooking dishonesty for security, materialistic things, and other reasons. Loving forever comes when you are honest with yourself first. ~ Mike Sorrells 
Relationships have become too much about convenience and people seem to just get into them because it feels good or because they are lonely or tired of looking. People may think they found the right person but what people don’t realize is that maybe the other person doesn’t have the same kind of expectations when they get into a relationship, maybe they aren’t as devoted or have other interests in life. This is one reason that breakups happen. Some people can live a perfectly happy life without a devoted, honest relationship and the partner may be thinking why can’t my partner be just as devoted as I am? The key is finding someone that has the same kind of outlook on the relationship as you do, but the hard part is that you don’t know that right away, it takes years to figure out what each of you really expect out of each other. Honesty becomes hard when two people really get along, but maybe one has different goals in life. In the end, honesty, time, putting each other 1st no matter what, and unselfishness are the best ways to make a relationship work. People can’t assume that it’s easy, it’s hard work to be in any kind of relationship but the beginning is fun and easy which is why after the easy part is over, that’s when the truth comes out. ~ Chris Gray 
We found each other fifty nine years ago after knowing each other since childhood. We have been married fifty six years and counting. Can’t imagine my life without her. ~ Bill Blair 


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