When you have been through hard times


When you have been through hard times

The people that you thought were going to be there and call themselves your friend aren’t.

If they are not there, stand tall and be proud of what you came through without their help or support. Sometimes life lessons really suck, but they show you the strength you never would have believed you had in you (and yes, I totally know how it feels to be lonely and wanting support, been there done that. They weren’t there for me, so bye-bye. Moving on with my head held high. ~ Linda Spaeth 

Fake friends are like shadow, always near you at your brightest moments, but nowhere to be seen at your darkest hours. ~ Elenita Sibug 

Genuine friends are precious and few. They stick it out with you through good times and bad. While they so called “friends” always has vested interest and stays only with you when you are in abundance, it’s not so easy to spot them. They’re like chameleons, they change color every so often. ~ Odessa Tecarro

I’ve been through a lot about friendship. I encountered most untrue friends they’re hided when needed but they’re always present if they want something. True friends are very few. ~ Jane Menorca 

It is surprising to learn who really cares and who doesn’t. Definitely changes one’s perception of all types of relationships. ~ Melissa Barnes

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