When you will know that Forgiveness has begun


When you will know that Forgiveness has begun

Forgiveness sets you free.

Forgive and forget then you can be happy.

You move on and feel the need to pray for those that hurt you.

Forgiveness is the key but because God gave us a memory we can’t forget and that is ok. Just forgive! ~ Michele Blais 

Holding resentment can only hurt you. Forgetting is the hard part. You will always carry that in your mind. 

Live with no regrets. Everything happens for the best. Time heals all. Life is good. God has a plan. ~ Maureen Stafford 

To be angry and hold a grudge takes work. It’s so much easier to forgive and let go. ~ Lesley Moolman 

It feels so good to release any resentment, anger, etc. felt to be truly free to Love no matter what. Catch the Frequency Wave. ~ Linda Gracia 

There is a difference between forgiving and forgetting. Forgive, but learn the lesson and take the lesson with you into your future. ~ Janet Cameron 

Forgiveness is not really for them, it’s for us. We may never get an apology for anything even if it was an abusive act. But we can free ourselves from what unforgiveness does to us mentally, emotionally and physically and by giving it to God. ~ Lonna Harless 

When we choose to forgive others it sets us free. Forgiveness does not mean that we have to be that persons friend or have them in our lives. It simply means that we did our part by way of God’s law. We are all a work in progress. Some of us it just takes longer to let the healing begin. Anything is possible when it’s trusted to God. ~ Shannon Cooper 

When you cant forgive, you harbor hate and in the long run you are the one that ends up hurting the most. The other person is going on with their life while you are stuck with the hate. ~ Ligia Flores 

You first need to know your sorry and make things right with God. Ask him to forgive you for what you have done and then ask him to put peace in and strength in your heart to forgive yourself. God loves you & he just wants you to call on him. He want to walk with you not & front of or behind. ~ Shannon Cooper

It doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten at all, but the peace of being able wish them well (And mean it) is a great feeling. Too bad forgiveness like that doesn’t happen as often. ~ Jennifer Jones 

Forgiveness is complete when you feel the power to wish them well. Forgiveness is a long journey. I actually think that forgiveness has begun when you feel that ‘aha’ moment about their behaviour. That moment you realize the reason behind what they did. ~ Unknown

When I was at the hurting point so bad that I wished someone worse than just ill. I decided the only way I was going to have peace within myself, my heart was to forgive and let God handle them for me. ~ Shannon Cooper

I have always wished them well, though they don’t deserve my forgiveness I have to so I will be forgiven also by God. I need to forgive them so I will not have any hatred towards them and there will no bitter feelings that will be buried within me. It is not the people that really hurt me, it’s their actions and choices. I love you all despite of everything, you know who you are. ~ Norma Powell 

Amazing how giving something away can add so much to your life. ~ Rob Massengale 

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