You can never win an argument with a negative person


You can never win an argument with a negative person

Pray for the negative people in your life to become positive. Prayer works if you have faith and believe! ~ Mitch Negrini 

People who MORE OFTEN THAN NOT get temporary satisfaction from complaining are (generally) negative. I have known a handful of truly negative people. One was a neighbor and co-worker. No exaggeration, EVERY morning she came in complaining about her evening or morning and how stressed she was. I finally stopped her mid-sentence one day and said, I can’t listen to this today. I have my own problems, too. I just don’t focus on them. She is better, but I have known her for 15 years. It’s a learned, ingrained habit, and conversation style she has used for years. She was shocked when I interrupted her self absorbed tirade, which actually stems from lack of self-love and awareness. We all have our moments. ~ Janey Darnell 

There are always tough times in life.Being positive is just how people deal with their own problems. Some people just accept and be assertive with their problems and face it themselves calmly without complaining, while others may complain a lot as if they are the most miserable person in the world. The ironic thing is when those people who complain a lot just don’t see another people who live in poverty, in small houses or live a more painful life but they never even complain at all, but feeling grateful with all they have and keep staying positive even how tough the life they are having. I know how hard life can be to the point we want to complain, and we can be negative but I think we should never forget to be grateful God for everything He gives and always try to be positive and hope for better. ~ Jessica Fitria 

You also can’t win arguments with people in denial about something that may seem negative but is the truth and they ignore it. ~ Stephanie Iam 

Best way is never go near a negative person and never allow them to come into your sphere. Keep them out at a very far distance.

You can never reason with an unreasonable person.

It’s hard to explain something to people who are negative and only want to listen to what they think would be good for them.

They talk just to hear themselves talk and argue because they are miserable; having no faith, no hope, no substance & no drive. If you are not careful, negativity spreads like a bad disease. Choose carefully the company you keep. You will either grow or perish. You cannot and will not do both. ~ Jill Newsom 

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