You will never meet a strong person with an easy past


You will never meet a strong person with an easy past

If a tree is never exposed to wind, it’s roots will never hold it upright.

We all face different struggles in life and how well we adapt and change and persevere says it all. ~ Lee Krohne 

Sometimes you think some people had an easy past and are kind of omnipotent, but you realize they are just human, fought their fights and have their soft spots. ~ Jette Vindum 

I have always taken the road less traveled in life and it was usually the hardest one. But the hardest lessons I’ve learned so far are just stepping stones to a brighter tomorrow. I’m a better person now, and wiser to for the hard things I’ve went through and live to tell about now that I’m older and a little wiser. I have always said that which does not kill you can only make you stronger. You may not think so when it’s happening to you, but you will realize it after it has pasted. ~ Billie Manley 

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