Be Happy with the little you have


Be Happy with the little you have

Don’t think about people having more than you, this way you will never be happy as there is always someone with more than you. Think of those who have less than you and be thankful for what you have. 

I have a book bag of clothes, healthy baby in my womb. Healthy daughter who’s with my sister. Friends letting me stay until hopefully the church, my grandpa was pastor at sets me up with car and apartment. ( church council has to meet ) and although family, this baby’s dad has deserted me for who knows why. I have the breathe of life in my lungs which is all I need because my children need me. Though I feel so alone I must keep breathing because my children love me unconditionally. The creator, my children and these random suddenly made friends. I am happy to wake up, feel my baby move within my womb and happy I can call my daughter. ~ Sarah Hart 

People don’t appreciate what they have, some are constantly chasing what they want and are never satisfied. As for me, I live in a nice place, have food in my house, and clothes to wear. That is truly all I need. I’m not one that thinks she has to have the latest whatever and would rather look at a nice amount of money in my savings account than to just go out and spend money on things. You have to plan for the future. ~ Karen Juneau 

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